NOVEMBER, 14-16, 2005

Monday, November, 14, 2005
9:00–10:00 Registration of the participants (+ local arrangements)
10:00 Official opening of Symposium and welcome AARI’s Director I.Ye. Frolov opening talk

Symposium lectures (30 min.).
Co-Chairs: AARI Deputy Directors A.I. Danilov and V.V. Lukin
10:10 A.I. Danilov, V.V. Lukin and A.V. Klepikov (AARI) Russian Researches in Antarctica.
10:40 A.I. Danilov, A.V. Klepikov and V.Ye. Lagun (AARI) Current Antarctic climate change.
11:10 V.Ya. Lipenkov, A.A. Ekaykin, L.M. Savatugin and A.N. Salamatin (AARI) Antarctic Paleoclimate: analysis of ice kern data from Vostok station drill.
11:40-12:00 Coffee break
12:00 S.P. Smyshliaev, P.A. Zimenko and E.A. Gorelov (RSHU) Long range variability modelling of Antarctic atmospheric trace gas content using measurements assimilation
12:30 A.A. Krivolutskiy (CAO) Changes in Earth Ozonosphere induced by Solar proton ejection (numerical 3D-modelling and satellite data analysis)
13:00 V.M. Kattsov, T.V. Pavlova, V.A. Govorkova (MGO) Antarctic climate in XX and XXI centuries in calculations by global climate models of new generation
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30 G.P. Milinevsky and V.A. Litvinov Ukraine Antarctic Research: results and perspective
15:00 O.A. Troshchev (AARI) Solar activity influence on Antarctic atmospheric processes
15:30-15:50 Coffee break

Section: “Paleoclimate of Antarctic”
Chair L.M. Savatugin

15:50 I.I. Borzenkova, V.A. Lobanov (SHI) and Yu.A. Trapeznikov (Lakes Institute RAS) Ice kerns and Climate
16:20 S.R. Verkulich (AARI) Paleoclimate of Antarctic coastal zone.
16:40 A.A. Ekaykin and V.Ya. Lipenkov (AARI) Precipitation isotopic composition as climate indicator in Antarctica
17:00 Ye.G. Vologina (Earth Crust Institute, SB of RAS), M. Shturm (Swiss Federal Institute of Environmental Science and Technology), S.S. Vorobieva (Limnology Institute, SB of RAS), T.K. Lomonosova, I.A. Kalashnikova, T.S. Fileva and S.A. Kashik (Earth Crust Institute, SB of RAS) Holocen-late- pleistocen sediments of Baikal Lake
17:20 Discussion
18:00 Reception

November, 15, 2005

Section «Current Climate».
 Oral presentations (15 min. + 5 min. for discussions)
Chair N.A. Zaitseva

9:00 V.F.Radionov, E.E. Sibir and A.A. Mishin (AARI) Antarctic radiation regime parameters based on Russian Antarctic stations data
9:20 N.A. Zaitseva (Earth Science Department of Russian Science Academy) Climate characteristics of long wave radiation in Antarctic atmosphere (summary of many years program of actinometric upper air radiosonding during Russian Antarctic expeditions)
9:40 V.Ye. Lagun, N.N. Kazakova, V.P. Balagurova, L.P. Burova, M.V. Lagun, V.V. Cheberdak, V.S. Michailov (AARI) and Jagovkina S.V. (MGO) Results of aerological studies in Antarctica.
10:00 A.A. Rechnov (AARI) Current state and information technologies of standard meteorological and actinometric observations network in Antarctica
10:20 G.Ye. Riabkov, L.Yu. Ryzhakov and A.A. Dmitriev (AARI) Climate variability formation in connection with atmospheric transport variations.
10:40 E.Ya. Rankova and E.V. Rocheva (IGCE) Large-scale atmospheric circulation variations in Southern Hemisphere and their influence on regional climate change of the Earth in 20th century.
11:00 V.Ye. Lagun (AARI) Synoptic climatology of the Southern Hemisphere.
11:20 E.I. Lutsenko and V.Ye. Lagun (AARI) Southern Hemisphere Mesocyclones.
11:40 N.Ye. Ivanov (SPB SOI) and V.Ye. Lagun (AARI) Statistical structure of surface wind in region of Russkaya station (Western Antarctica).
12:00–12:20 Coffee break

Section «Antarctic Peninsula Climatology»
Working group meeting of Science Committee of Antarctic Research (SCAR), King George Island Studies.
Chair V.Ye. Lagun

12:20 I.I. Mokhov, A.A. Karpenko (IAP RAS) and Stott P.A. (Hadley Center, UK) Temperature trends in Antarctic Peninsula in comparison with regional trends in Siberia and Alaska: estimation of natural and anthropogenic factors input.
12:40 G.P. Milinevsky (National Antarctic Science Center, Kiev, Ukraine), V.N. Glotov, V.V. Chizhevsky (National University “Lvov Polytechnic”, Lvov, Ukraine), S.B. Kovalienok (National Antarctic Science Center, Kiev, Ukraine), Yu.I. Popov, V.V. Ukrainsky (Ukraine Science Center of Sea Ecology, Odessa Ukraine), P. Proshek, K. Laska ( Masarika University, Brno, Czech Republic), A. Kies (Luxembourg University, Luxembourg), A.M. Belogolovkin, A.M. Evtushevsky, A.V. Grizay and I.A. Kozeretskaya T. (Shevchenko Kiev National University, Kiev, Ukraine) Climate warming in the Antarctic Peninsula region: studies in Vernadsky (Faraday) station.
13:00 M.V. Dorojkina (AARI) Current spore-pollen deposition over the King George Island region (Southern Shetland Islands, Antarctica)
13:20-14:20 Lunch
14:20 V.Ye. Lagun (AARI) and N.Ye. Ivanov (SPbB SOI) About Antarctic Peninsula regional warming.
14:40 V.E. Timofeev (Odessa State Ecological University) Near surface warming characteristics in the region of Antarctic Peninsula: possible reasons and consequences.
15:00 I.V. Chernykh and O.A. Alduchov (ARIHMI-WDC) About cloudy layers in the region of Antarctic Peninsula.
15:20 O.A. Alduchov (ARIHMI-WDC), V.Ye Lagun. (AARI), I.V. Chernykh (ARIHMI-WDC) and Jagovkina S.V. (MGO) Obtained by different methods estimations of warming in Antarctic Peninsula region.
15:40 N.Ye. Chubarova (MSU) and V.Ye. Lagun (AARI) Biologically active ultraviolet radiation and its long-term variations over Antarctic Peninsula region
16:00-16:20 Coffee break
16:20 S.V. Klock (National Antarctic Science Center, Kiev, Ukraine) and N.I. Shven (Central Geophysical observatory, Kiev, Ukraine) About some peculiarities (features) of circulation processes over Antarctic Peninsula region.
16:40 S.V. Krakovskaya (UkrSHI) Investigation of mesoscale and micro-physical features of frontal cloudiness and precipitation over Antarctic Peninsula using Combined Model of Cloudy Troposphere.
17:00 I.A. Repina (IAF RAS) Surface ground heat characteristics in King George Island.
17:20 Discussion

Wednesday, November, 16, 2005

Section ”Antarctic atmospheric chemistry”.
 Oral presentations (15 min. + 5 min. for discussions).
Chair G.P. Milinevsky.

9:00 F.V. Kashin, V.N. Arefiev, Yu. I. Baranov, A.V. Kalsin, V.P. Ustinov (SPA “Thyphoon”), N.N. Paramonova, V.I. Privalov (RCARS) and V.F. Radionov (AARI) Experimental studies of Antarctic atmosphere trace gas content
9:20 I.L. Karol (MGO)Antarctic ozone layer studies
9:50 Yu.E. Ozolin (MGO) Study of the Southern Hemisphere spring ozone anomaly formation by application of global 3D transport photochemical model.
10:10 A.V. Agapitov (T. Shevchenko Kiev National University, Ukraine Antarctic Center) Planetary waves influence on dynamics of short-term total ozone content variations in Southern Polar region.
10:30 A.V. Grizay, A.M. Evtushevsky and G.P. Milinevsky (T. Shevchenko Kiev National University) The changes of total ozone content zonal asymmetry in Antarctic region.
10:50 V.M. Smagin (AARI) Chemical composition of atmospheric precipitation in Mirny Observatory region.
11:20–11:40 Coffee break

Section “Interconnection of helio-geophysical and meteorological processes in Antarctica”.
 Oral presentations (15 min. + 5 min. for discussions).
 Chair A.V. Shirochkov

11:20 L.R. Makarova and A.V. Shirochkov (AARI) Experimental and model explanation of complex helio-geophysical factors influence on Antarctic atmospheric processes.
11:40 L.R. Makarova, A.V. Shirochkov (AARI), Ye.V. Rozanov (Physics-Meteorology Observatory, Davos, Swiss) and V.A. Zubov (MGO) Antarctic ground surface electrical conductivity as a factor influencing on atmospheric processes over ice continent.
12:00 L.V. Egorova, V.Ya. Vovk, V.Ye. Lagun and Î.À. Troshichev (AARI) Interplanetary magnetic field influence on wind characteristics in Antarctica.
12:20 A.V. Shirochkov, L.R. Makarova and S.N. Sokolov (AARI) Interconnection between atmosphere and ionosphere of Arctic and Antarctic under different levels of Space weather disturbing.
12:40 R.Yu. Lukianova (SPbSU), G.V. Alekseev and A.P. Nagurny (AARI) Peculiarities of helio-geophysical conditions and stratospheric warming of 2002 in Antarctic.
13:00-14:00 Lunch

Section “Applying investigations”
Oral presentations (15 min. + 5 min. for discussions)
Chair A.V. Klepikov

14:00 A.V. Klepikov (AARI) and V.G. Dmitriev (AARI) Russian Antarctic Projects for International Polar Year 2007-2008.
14:20 V.M. Smolianitsky and V.Ye. Lagun (AARI) Internet-portal of Subprogram “Study and Investigation of Antarctica”.
14:40 B.V. Ivanov, S.P. Poliakov and A.M. Bezgreshnov (AARI) Peculiarities of surface energy and mass exchange ëåäíèêà in Novolazarevskaya station region during maximal ablation.
15:00 L.Yu. Ryzjakov (AARI) Aerological and synoptic description of airdrome region at Progress station.
15:20 V.Ye. Lagun and M.V. Lagun (AARI) Extremal meteorological elements values statistics in Antarctic.
15:40 V.N. Golubev, S.A. Sokratov, A.V. Shishkov (MSU)Role of sea ice cover in the gas-exchange between ocean and atmosphere over polar areas
16:00 Yu.I. Senkevich (AARI) Tele-medicine as a part of ecological monitoring.
16:20 M.V. Gavrilo and Yu.V. Mizin (AARI) About Dynamics of sea birds populations in Specially Protected Antarctic area 127 ”Hasuwell Island” region of Mirny station, Eastern Antarctica.
16:40 General discussion. Symposium summary
17:00 Symposium closing