Daily data from Soviet/Russian Antarctic stations

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This catalogue provides access to daily data from Sovien / Russian Antarctic stations.

Bellinshauzen, WMO ID 89050

Surface meteorology daily averaged blank-separated data for October - March 2002-2018 (zipped). Each annual archive contains 6 monthly files with following naming conventions: bel_YYYYMM.zip. Each record include Day, Surface 2 meters air temperature (C), surface soil temperature (C), Relative air humidity (%), Mean sea level pressure (hPa), Surface wind speed (m/sec), precititation (mm), Snow height.

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Daily data from Russian Antarctic station (specify station here) for (specify period here). Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. Antarctic Data Center. Accessed: date of access. URL:http://www.aari.aq/data/daily_data.html.

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Mikhail Molchanov
Laboratory of Ocean and Climate Antarctic Studies
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
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